Part Two - Is It Autism? Recognizing Toddlers with Red Flags for Autism Spectrum Disorder focuses on intervention! Laura teaches and demonstrates how to use 10 different treatment approaches to target social, cognitive, and language skills in young children ages 1 to 4 . 4 Hour Course on DVD - Read full summary here. Item begins shipping on or after 5/15/16. Price includes DVDs, course manual, and required CE paperwork for ONE participant. Additional participants may be added for $50 each. Please select ADD CE PARTICIPANT during checkout and enter the additional participants’ names as instructed.**DURING THE PRESALE PERIOD NO COUPONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS COURSE. ALL ORDERS USING COUPON CODES WILL BE CANCELLED.**

Is It Autism? Treating Toddlers with Red Flags for ASD-Part 2

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